I’m SO bad

That purple scarf is never going to get finished unless I get more disciplined. I should be knitting that if I wanted to knit something.

I’d actually intended to work more on sashing the blocks on the design wall tonight but I couldn’t resist casting on a scarf — it’s going to be my trial in knitting from a chart.


So here’s the pattern – free on Ravelry and one with lots of details, written instructions and a chart.

I’m using sport weight yarn and size 9 needles

I downloaded a free app (JKnitHDLite) to track my progress on the chart. Gotta love that there’s an app for everything! I can import my PDF pattern easily into the app and if I wanted to upgrade, I could add more options but for now all I want to do it keep my place on my chart.

11 thoughts on “I’m SO bad

  1. Dianne King

    Hey, Mollie, one thing I forgot to mention about lace knitting is this: I always add a lifeline on the last row of each repeat of the pattern (the purl row usually). It’s one of the main reasons I use the KnitPicks circs with interchangeable tips…there’s a tiny hole that you use to tighten the tips onto the cable, and it’s the perfect size to thread through a length of crochet cotton, so as you do that final purl back to begin the next repeat, it adds a “lifeline” to the piece. Then if you make a big mistake and need to rip back, you never have to go further than one repeat of the pattern, and it’s easy to pick up the stitches and put them back on the needle.

    The other thing I do, in those cases where there’s pattern knitting on both sides, is mark up the pattern. I put a pencil arrow pointing left for odd rows (on the right side of the pattern), and an arrow pointing right for even rows (on the left side of the pattern). I also take the time to use a red pen write a big red “P” in the box for each stitch that looks like a knit stitch but is on the wrong side, so it shoudl be a purl. I also used to mark K2TOG stitches with one color highlighter and SSK with another color, but now I don’t need to do that any longer.

    Just a couple more helpers…


  2. Lynne

    I see I’m not the only one who’s been offering advice! That app is something I think I could use! Thanks!

    PS I thought you were going to finish something first and wait until you got home from your trip away? LOL

  3. Gina

    Thanks for the app advice. I usually use GoodReader but this looks simpler. Now maybe I should start a new knitting project to test out the app!

  4. Billie

    Don’t beat yourself up because you didn’t finish the purple scarf…must be something about it that doesn’t call your name loud enough. I’m not much of a knitter so a chart would do me no good but if it helps go for it. I loved the little owl hat you made the baby. she’s a cutie.

    that purple yarn could turn back into a ball………

  5. Flatlander (Linda)

    Mollie … your knit beautifully! Evidence is the darling hats you’ve made recently for the grands and the lovely socks that you made … don’t be so hard on yourself! I love the pattern that you’re making for the scarf and thanks for sharing the info. Makes me want to pick up the ole needles and give it another try … and maybe I will. Snow falling and sitting in front of a fireplace is the perfect venue for knitting!

  6. Ruth

    Look like a nice easy chart to start your chart knitting journey. Once I got the hang of charts I found it really hard to work from a written pattern.

    I’ve also got this pattern queued on Ravelry. I’ll be interested to see how yours turns out.

  7. Arlene

    How many skeins of the sports weight yarn do you thnk it would take to make the scarf? I think a trip to the yarn store is in my future! Beautiful scarf!

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