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Kind of blah

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I started a set of Courthouse Steps blocks from my string bins and as I put them up on the design wall I thought they were kind of blah set side by side. I’m not making them with a light and dark side so I decided they needed a narrow sashing. I have the perfect dark brown in my stash and then I’ll add a border from the green dot or maybe I’ll just use the brown. Once I get the blocks made I’ll decide.


I’ve got enough of this brown for a set of HeartStrings blocks too.

Time to quilt

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This week I’m back downstairs in the longarm room. This was a donated HeartStrings top but offhand I’m not sure who sent it to me — quilted with some simple freehand swirls. I try to be good about tracking where these come from but sometimes a top doesn’t get labeled.

EDIT: Becky R in IL wrote to let me know this was her HeartStrings top. I’m so sorry I wasn’t able to identify it when I first posted it.

A simple swirl creates nice texture and is quick and eases me back into quilting!



I seem to be on a night schedule again so I’m going to head upstairs now and work on the string Courthouse Steps blocks I started last night. After working on HeartStrings blocks over the New Year’s holiday weekend, I realized I need to make some inroads into my string bins before they overtake me. I’m going to participate in our 365 challenge which means that I’m going to attempt 365 string blocks of some sort in 2013 although I won’t stress if it takes me longer than a year. I’m starting out with 48 blocks from this HeartStrings top.

Moving on

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The next item on the list of this month’s goals is to finish assembling the Bricks and Stones quilt. I’m so bad about procrastinating when it comes to this part and I had intended to assemble this top before the end of the year but participating in the HeartStrings sew along was much more fun. I made good progress today and will probably work on it a little while again tonight when Keith goes to bed but it’s Happy Hour now!


Finished up

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Today I bound the last quilt and cleaned up the mess. All 4 have been tied and bound and will go downstairs to the pile waiting for washing. I’ve fallen very far behind on washing finished quilts and there’s a large stack of them waiting.




All 4 of these tops were pieced by a group in CA.

Still tying

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The 3rd quilt is on the table and halfway done and the other two are completed including binding. I’ll have to see if I can finish one more before Keith gets home but I’ve got a lot of picking up to do. He hates it when I clutter up the living room and it try to keep the clutter down but right now along with the tying table sitting in the middle of the floor there is quilting and knitting stuff everywhere!!

I need to figure out how to have my knitting stuff available without having it clutter the coffee table.