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I’m sold

….. on using knitting charts and lifelines! Who knows why I resisted using them for so long.

I’m really enjoying this project.



My goals aren’t that ambitious but I am working my way through them. February’s were accomplished and I set my goals for March.

2013 Goals
March goals
▪Quilt and bind one UFO
▪Quilt and bind 3 HeartStrings tops
▪Finish one hat
▪Finish Birch Leaf Scarf
▪Make a set of HeartString Blocks
▪Finish Hourglass blocks

February goals
✔ Bind 3 HeartStrings quilts – done
✔ Quilt and bind one UFO – Strips and Strings Log cabin done
✔ Quilt Mom’s Fan’s – done
✔ Finishing knitting Purple Fisherman’s Rib Scarf – done
✔ Finish assembling Courthouse Steps top -done
▪Two hats started and finished
▪Sweatshirt top made for Emma

January goals
✔ Quilt 2 HS – done
✔ Tie 2 HS – Tied and bound 4
✔ Bind 2 HS – done (total 6 bound)
✔ Assemble 2 two tops – done
✔ Quilt and bind one UFO -Tumbler quilt done
Completed in addition to the list
▪Finished knitting the blue striped socks
▪Knit two hats

A little hat

I’m not completely happy with the flower but its attached and I’m not taking it off. This is another one from the Baby Beanie book and should fit Rae when she comes to visit me at Christmas!



I’d promised myself I could start a new quilt when I got home because I’d finished everything on my to do list before the trip. I spent well over an hour in the sewing room after piecing a couple backs dithering over what to start. I wanted to use a limited color palette but didn’t want to worry about running out of the fabrics I had so it needed to be something I could easily add fabrics to.

In the end, I decided on an hourglass quilt. It won’t be quick but it’s an easy one to go in and cut/sew a group of blocks. I’m using my 4 inch finished quarter square triangle die so the cutting is easy. Accuquilt is now making custom dies for their GO cutter and I’m toying with the idea of getting a die made for a 6 inch finished hourglass block. That would be a great stash buster.

I’ve got a pretty green leaf print on a brown background to use for a border on this one and I may end up adding some browns to the center too. For now I’m just going to make blocks.


Of course, what I should be doing is cleaning up the sewing room. Chesty came up with me and curled up in the trimmings from the last couple quilts I bound … The batting pieces are still attached and I need to remove them before tossing the fabric in the string bins. I’ve also got a bunch of strings pulled out from the last top that will be used in the next one so I didn’t bother to pick them up. I’m such a slob!


On my needles

Another deep purple hat. I’ve spent my day in airports and on planes and to entertain myself … I cast on another hat and alternated between reading and knitting. Another hour and I should be home.


This is another one from the Baby Beanie book and I’ll add a flower when I’m done.


I like it

I wasn’t sure I’d like this one but it’s cute! It’s a cotton linen blend that I’m trying for the first time.


Family time

I’m enjoying my visit — dinner out with a crowd last night including 3 (of 5) sibs!


Ann, my cousin, and I also got a wall hanging assembled and fused for Mom. She’ll do the machine applique but it’s all ready for her to work on when we all leave!


It turned out great … Of course it’s way too big for Rae but then I knew it would be. The smallest sweatshirt they had was a 2. It will fit one of the other little ones.


Trying something new

Went to the quilt show today and my sister and I decided we’d try to convert a child’s sweatshirt into a cute top. Neither of us sew clothing so it’s a bit of a challenge!


It’s got some issues but it’s kind of cute so far


Another outing

The Fernbank Museum with Adam and his family.


A family outing

To the Atlanta Botanical Gardens



Loving the time with Chris and his family. Looking forward to seeing Adam and his family on Monday!!


Love this book

I’ve got two hats cast on from it before leaving and spent my time knitting on the plane. I love the book!
Baby Beanies


In other reading news ….

I gave up on the audiobook Zookeeper’s Wife, too many detours from the story, and am now listening to a collection of Sherlock Holmes stories.

I also finished Mrs. Lincoln’s dressmaker which I enjoyed and started Donne Leon’s mystery The Girl of his Dreams. There are a bunch of books in this series which I am enjoying both because they’re mysteries and because they take place in Venice, Italy. Having visited there this past summer, I enjoy reading the books even more.

My little Valentine!

Can’t wait to see both my little ones this weekend!



I’m not a fast knitter and sometimes I spend more time looking at/for patterns than actually knitting. Ravelry can be dangerous!

I’ve got a couple scarves, a couple shawls, and a baby blanket in the queue in addition to hats and socks and I’ve ordered even more yarn.

How’s this for an impressive EASY circular shawl? Vortex Shawl I couldn’t decide on purple or red so I ordered yarn in both colors and will decide which to use when I get home.

In the meantime, I’ll finish the fisherman’s rib scarf today and hopefully a couple hats while I’m gone.

I’ve finished all my binding

The second Strips and Strings Log Cabin pieced by Marsha is done!


Poor Mom

First she waits for months (and months!) because I can’t decide what to quilt on this one and then I give up and do a pantograph. At least it’s a pretty pantograph – Plumage


On my design wall

Yes, it’s finally a completed top. I woke up this morning with 4 items still on my to do list for February and while I’ll have a couple days at home at the end of the month, I wanted to complete everything on the list before the next trip so I can start a new quilt when I get back.

So, putting the borders on this one was the first item to be checked off.


Item two is to load and quilt a top for Mom and I’ll get that started this afternoon.

Item three is the last HeartStrings binding and that’s in progress

Item four is finishing the purple Fisherman’s Knit scarf and its long enough right now but I like extra long scarves so I just have to finish up the rest of the yarn on this this ball and it will be done.

And another one is finished

This is the first of two flannel Strips and Strings Log Cabin quilts pieced by Marsha and sent to me to finish. It’s been quilted for a couple months but I just finished the binding tonight … Already in progress is the binding on her 2nd one in blues.


Another finish

This one pieced by Tish and designated as a HeartStrings QOV.


I spent the morning making and attaching binding on #3 & 4 and they’re now ready for hand stitching but before I start … A walk downtown in the snow!