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My goals aren’t that ambitious but I am working my way through them. February’s were accomplished and I set my goals for March.

2013 Goals
March goals
▪Quilt and bind one UFO
▪Quilt and bind 3 HeartStrings tops
▪Finish one hat
▪Finish Birch Leaf Scarf
▪Make a set of HeartString Blocks
▪Finish Hourglass blocks

February goals
✔ Bind 3 HeartStrings quilts – done
✔ Quilt and bind one UFO – Strips and Strings Log cabin done
✔ Quilt Mom’s Fan’s – done
✔ Finishing knitting Purple Fisherman’s Rib Scarf – done
✔ Finish assembling Courthouse Steps top -done
▪Two hats started and finished
▪Sweatshirt top made for Emma

January goals
✔ Quilt 2 HS – done
✔ Tie 2 HS – Tied and bound 4
✔ Bind 2 HS – done (total 6 bound)
✔ Assemble 2 two tops – done
✔ Quilt and bind one UFO -Tumbler quilt done
Completed in addition to the list
▪Finished knitting the blue striped socks
▪Knit two hats


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I’d promised myself I could start a new quilt when I got home because I’d finished everything on my to do list before the trip. I spent well over an hour in the sewing room after piecing a couple backs dithering over what to start. I wanted to use a limited color palette but didn’t want to worry about running out of the fabrics I had so it needed to be something I could easily add fabrics to.

In the end, I decided on an hourglass quilt. It won’t be quick but it’s an easy one to go in and cut/sew a group of blocks. I’m using my 4 inch finished quarter square triangle die so the cutting is easy. Accuquilt is now making custom dies for their GO cutter and I’m toying with the idea of getting a die made for a 6 inch finished hourglass block. That would be a great stash buster.

I’ve got a pretty green leaf print on a brown background to use for a border on this one and I may end up adding some browns to the center too. For now I’m just going to make blocks.


Of course, what I should be doing is cleaning up the sewing room. Chesty came up with me and curled up in the trimmings from the last couple quilts I bound … The batting pieces are still attached and I need to remove them before tossing the fabric in the string bins. I’ve also got a bunch of strings pulled out from the last top that will be used in the next one so I didn’t bother to pick them up. I’m such a slob!


Love this book

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I’ve got two hats cast on from it before leaving and spent my time knitting on the plane. I love the book!
Baby Beanies


In other reading news ….

I gave up on the audiobook Zookeeper’s Wife, too many detours from the story, and am now listening to a collection of Sherlock Holmes stories.

I also finished Mrs. Lincoln’s dressmaker which I enjoyed and started Donne Leon’s mystery The Girl of his Dreams. There are a bunch of books in this series which I am enjoying both because they’re mysteries and because they take place in Venice, Italy. Having visited there this past summer, I enjoy reading the books even more.


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I’m not a fast knitter and sometimes I spend more time looking at/for patterns than actually knitting. Ravelry can be dangerous!

I’ve got a couple scarves, a couple shawls, and a baby blanket in the queue in addition to hats and socks and I’ve ordered even more yarn.

How’s this for an impressive EASY circular shawl? Vortex Shawl I couldn’t decide on purple or red so I ordered yarn in both colors and will decide which to use when I get home.

In the meantime, I’ll finish the fisherman’s rib scarf today and hopefully a couple hats while I’m gone.