Love this book

I’ve got two hats cast on from it before leaving and spent my time knitting on the plane. I love the book!
Baby Beanies


In other reading news ….

I gave up on the audiobook Zookeeper’s Wife, too many detours from the story, and am now listening to a collection of Sherlock Holmes stories.

I also finished Mrs. Lincoln’s dressmaker which I enjoyed and started Donne Leon’s mystery The Girl of his Dreams. There are a bunch of books in this series which I am enjoying both because they’re mysteries and because they take place in Venice, Italy. Having visited there this past summer, I enjoy reading the books even more.

3 thoughts on “Love this book

  1. Judy

    I, too, just bought this book from Amazon. I love it; it the first book in a long time that every pattern is on my to-do list. Oh the temptations. My quilting is suffering right from lack of attention.

  2. Rebecca Davidson

    Finished Mrs. Lincoln’s dressmaker Thursday night, just in time for Sandra Dallas’s , Four Sisters-my valentine gift from my DH.

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