It turned out great … Of course it’s way too big for Rae but then I knew it would be. The smallest sweatshirt they had was a 2. It will fit one of the other little ones.


14 thoughts on “Done

  1. EMILY

    Oh how sweet, Mollie. It brings back memories of my making slothing for my daughter. I know one little munchkin who will love having her Nana make her things!

    Take care.

  2. Cheri

    Love it! Sewing kids’ clothes is so much fun — they don’t require an exact fit, they are small, and you can go wild with your choices. Bet you make some more!

  3. SaraF

    It is darling and she would grow into it quickly. My girls and their girl cousins passed around quite a few cute things over the years. It was fun comparing pictures of various girls wearing the same cute dress.

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