My goals aren’t that ambitious but I am working my way through them. February’s were accomplished and I set my goals for March.

2013 Goals
March goals
▪Quilt and bind one UFO
▪Quilt and bind 3 HeartStrings tops
▪Finish one hat
▪Finish Birch Leaf Scarf
▪Make a set of HeartString Blocks
▪Finish Hourglass blocks

February goals
✔ Bind 3 HeartStrings quilts – done
✔ Quilt and bind one UFO – Strips and Strings Log cabin done
✔ Quilt Mom’s Fan’s – done
✔ Finishing knitting Purple Fisherman’s Rib Scarf – done
✔ Finish assembling Courthouse Steps top -done
▪Two hats started and finished
▪Sweatshirt top made for Emma

January goals
✔ Quilt 2 HS – done
✔ Tie 2 HS – Tied and bound 4
✔ Bind 2 HS – done (total 6 bound)
✔ Assemble 2 two tops – done
✔ Quilt and bind one UFO -Tumbler quilt done
Completed in addition to the list
▪Finished knitting the blue striped socks
▪Knit two hats

2 thoughts on “Goals

  1. Patti

    Don’t you love setting project goals? I find they help me get so much more done that I would without them. I love keeping track of progress on my blog sidebar – crossing off each item is so rewarding. I see you’ve taken up knitting also, but it didn’t end your blogging as it did for me for awhile. I love little knitting projects – the satisfaction of a finished project so much faster than quilting. I have so much trouble working on more than one hobby at a time – I’m counting on goals to keep that from happening. It looks like you have an ambitious but doable goal list – good luck! It will be fun watching them be completed one by one.

    When did you become Mollie instead of Mary? I only knew it was you because of the pictures. I always loved reading your blog, I’m glad I “found” you again.

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