I’m sold

….. on using knitting charts and lifelines! Who knows why I resisted using them for so long.

I’m really enjoying this project.


13 thoughts on “I’m sold

  1. NancyB in AZ

    Oh, isn’t that pattern beautiful! I just start my first lace scarf pattern. It is only 21 stitches across….but I have had to take it apart 3 times so far. I only had done about 8 rows at the most. I am now determined that this will not beat me. LOL

  2. Patti

    I see you are knitting socks also – and lace! Isn’t lace just so much fun to knit? So are socks of course – but lace makes me feel so accomplished.

  3. Debbie J.

    I am so impressed with all your skills. Knitting and quilting!

    I’m still working on learning more quilting. Can crochet a little. Knitting is something I would love to do some day.

    Love the little hats you’ve made.

  4. Julie

    My favorite coffee . . with one of my favorite knitting projects. Right on, Mary! (groovy scarf, too) ~ Julie (Sara F’s cousin in Mpls.)

  5. Flatlander (Linda)

    I just finished reading an article about knitting lace and then saw your post … HOW GORGEOUS!! Was that a Ravelry chart? If so, would you share which one? The yarn is delicious … it will be beautiful on you! Linda

  6. Peggy

    What do you do with all the items you knit? Give them away like your quilts. I guess thats what keeps us going, knowing you can always do another. Lovely.

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