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On my design wall

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Yes, it’s finally a completed top. I woke up this morning with 4 items still on my to do list for February and while I’ll have a couple days at home at the end of the month, I wanted to complete everything on the list before the next trip so I can start a new quilt when I get back.

So, putting the borders on this one was the first item to be checked off.


Item two is to load and quilt a top for Mom and I’ll get that started this afternoon.

Item three is the last HeartStrings binding and that’s in progress

Item four is finishing the purple Fisherman’s Knit scarf and its long enough right now but I like extra long scarves so I just have to finish up the rest of the yarn on this this ball and it will be done.

What I’m reading

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I used to post the books I’m reading when I first started blogging but got out of the habit. Now I noticed that JudyL is posting her reading material so I thought I’d join in although I’m usually too lazy to link.

I’m in the middle of 4 books right.

An audio book I listen to while knitting – I prefer to listen to biography or history

The Zookeeper’s Wife

Two books on the Kindle
With Malice toward None – the Life of Abraham Lincoln

Mrs. Lincoln’s Dressmaker

And a new craft book arrived from Amazon today although many of the projects look too complicated for me. Not that I couldn’t figure them out but I like simple knits!
Knit Red

So what are you reading?


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January’s goals were completed and a few extras too.

Quilt 2 HS
Tie 2 HS Tied and bound 4
Bind 2 HS
Assemble 2 two tops
Quilt and bind one UFO Tumbler quilt
▪Finished knitting the blue striped socks
▪Knit two hats

February’s goals
▪Bind 3 HeartStrings quilts
▪Quilt and bind one UFO
▪Quilt Mom’s Fan’s
▪Finish knitting Purple Fisherman’s Rib Scarf
▪Finish assembling Courthouse Steps top

Ill be traveling half the month so any extra time will be spent knitting or starting a new quilt!