At the risk of boring you,

I’ll share another HeartString top quilted with the Jilly Pantograph by Keryn Emmerson. I went to my UFO closet and realized I could do this one with the panto that was already set up on the machine AND finish it in time to donate it next month with several others I’m taking to the WI/MN HeartStrings sew-in. So now my March UFO just needs binding.


I also got another set of HeartStrings blocks started. I’m doing our 365 block challenge this year and am trying not to get behind so a set of 48 blocks is on March’s ‘to do’ list.


8 thoughts on “At the risk of boring you,

  1. Cyndi Holguin

    How pretty I just love making these blocks. I like to collect a bunch of them before making several quilts.

  2. Jane modjeski

    Loving the meaty earthy colors. This one will be lovely, ok all your are lovely but this one you could send to me… :0)

    Jane in Windy NJ

  3. Vic in NH

    Bright colorful eye-candy is never boring! Here in NH, we still have a big snowpack and drab winter colors. Thanks so much for all your inspiration.

  4. Deb in AZ

    The quilt looks great, love the panto. I always appreciate when you tell us what panto you used. I have started collecting panto patterns from seeing the ones you use. Also have purchased Ebb & Flo, Happy Times plus Popcorn since you have used those a lot.

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