Ready for the weekend

Keith has been gone all week and will be gone most of next week but if I’m going to get through my list before we head to GA I’ll need to work this weekend … So today before he got home I got the binding on a couple quilts that are now ready to be hand sewn. I can sit with him and watch TV or listen to music and still be working.


I had a helper upstairs today too!


6 Responses to “Ready for the weekend”

  • Penny G:

    Enjoy the time you have to share with Keith.

  • Penny G:

    Enjoy the time you have to share with Keith.

  • Diana Purdy:

    I just love seeing pictures of you cute little guy! Did he just go to the groomers? he’s looking exceptionally handsome! 🙂

  • SaraF:

    Weekends are short and precious when we have spouses who travel so much. My husband was gone most of last week, I was out of town for work all of this week. And he leaves on Monday again for a few days. The weekends just race by! I am saving up handwork now for when my daughter has the babies. Gives me something to work on when they all nap.

  • Keek:

    I had to laugh at the fabric scraps on the floor. Glad I’m not the only one.

  • Tanya:

    Chesty looks very eager to give advice!

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