Finished this weekend

All three of these were bound this weekend.

My HeartStrings quilt and March’s UFO


This HeartStrings was pieced by Beth


This HeartStrings pieced by LauraJean


8 thoughts on “Finished this weekend

  1. Lori in South Dakota

    three very nice quilts. Each a bit different–but they all have the dark center strip. They definitely will cheer a body up!

  2. June Calender

    I absolutely LOVE the infinite variety of scrape quilts — these are wonderful examples. I tend to get a bit philosophical about scrap quilts because I think of the infinite variety of people I meet every day — not that people are “scraps” but that each is a little piece of my daily reality and experience and each day is different because of the different people I interact with.

  3. Janet

    Love it June- just like no fabric is ugly in the right quilt, people need just the right surroundings to be their best!

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