Happy Birthday Adam!

Can’t believe my baby is 28 and a father himself. Where does the time go?!


6 Responses to “Happy Birthday Adam!”

  • Anne O'Connor:

    Mary – at my mothers 85th birthday party I happened to say ‘ … and next year I will be 60’ – boy did that get a reaction. My mother and sister jerkily looked at each other and I could see the exchange in their eyes ‘We are old enough to have 60 year old children?’

  • Diana Purdy:

    What a great picture of two of your boys! Such happy faces!

  • SaraF:

    Some days I just want to yell “wait, wait, wait” to time. My baby just turned 29 and I will be 59 this week.

    BTW – that is a terrific photo of your son and grandson. That little guy is just so cute!

  • Cyndi Holguin:

    Please let Adam know that I wish him a Happy Birthday and wish him the best BirthMonth ever. Time does fly so enjoy!!!

  • Happy birthday Adam!

  • Mariel:

    Happy Birthday to your son! Love the smiles on both the boys. Time does fly, my baby just turned 28(in Feb)too! Still no grandchildren though. 🙁

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