Do you knit?

I want to make this Prayer Shawl by Cheryl Andrews but don’t have enough different purple yarns … Do knit? Do you have any leftover purple yarn in any weight? Would you be willing to send me some? Each row is self fringed which means that you cut the yarn at the end of the row leaving enough for the fringe and start the next row with another piece. That means even small amounts of yarn can be used. Ribbon and novelty yarns as well as yarns in a range of weights from fingering to bulky can be used.


10 thoughts on “Do you knit?

  1. Patti

    Does the yarn need to be solid purple. Or will a purple tone on tone do? I will check all my scrap baskets for you tomorrow. I might have a skein of handspun to send you – I’ve spun a lot of purple. Would you like me to check?

  2. Bonnie L. Browne

    I have made several purple things lately and know I have some leftovers. About how much does it take for a row? I’ll see what I have.

  3. AnnG

    I have some light purple, more of a lavender, from a baby blanket I am finishing up. I’d be happy to send the leftovers up to the Roberts sew-in if you’d like them.

  4. Patti

    I was sure I’d knit something with purple. I know I have lots of purple yarn. it looks like all my leftover purples are sock yarn that include other colors too. Sorry Mollie!

  5. Julie

    I have purple yarn for you and live less than 4 miles from you in NE Minneapolis – Sara F’s cousin, remember? Give me a call or shoot me an email next week Mary, if you are interested. I am woolyjooly on Ravelry. Lovely shawl pattern, also known as ‘the long edge’ scarf as you cast on 180 sts. I just finished a smaller shawl for our church’s PSM.

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