HeartString Stars

Bev coordinates our Maine sew-ins each year and has requested that we help her make star blocks for a quilt for a fundraiser to give back to the American Legion in Yarmouth Maine who allows us to use their log cabin free of charge for the week.

Now you may not know this about me but I NEVER participate in block exchanges because my blocks are always slightly undersized…. As Mary Ellen Hopkins would say, I have my own PPM (personal private measurement) and all my blocks work well together.

I’ve been thinking about how to participate. I wanted to “represent” HeartStrings in my block and have it a little oversized so I could trim it down to 12.5 inches, the requested block size. Luckily this allowed me to play with an idea that I have had for a while to combine liberated stars and strings.

My points aren’t meant to be overly liberated but they float in the square allowing me to trim the block down without cutting off the points and I’m not concerned with them being exactly the same, I eyeballed their placement rather than measured them. I’m not sure if this is what Bev had in mind but I’ve got 4 blocks for her.


I haven’t decided all the details yet, but the quilt I’m thinking of making will be scrappier in the background and will alternate a dark background with a light one. Like the one below, only scrappier. Much scrappier!


9 thoughts on “HeartString Stars

  1. Teri

    Why not do rectangles on the sides and top & bottom? It would just save 4 seams. I like the look of the stars with the strings in the middle. Very attactive

  2. Carol

    I love everything about these blocks–the maverick points, the string middle and the floating design. I think I would do the rectangle, tho on the 4 sides and do a maverick point on each end. Can’t wait to see your scrappy version. The more fabrics the better is what I love!

  3. Helen

    Just love this design. How do you think it would look it I did red/white heartstring with a blue alternating background for a QOV theme?

  4. Michele in TN

    I LOVE this design!!! One of the reasons I avoid star blocks in general is those pesky points! lol! I love the way these float so you can trim them and still get pointy points! Yay!

  5. Lynne

    I don’t usually like stars but that one has a point of difference that makes it intriguing!

    I don’t participate either for the same reason! Normally it doesn’t matter when I’m doing my own quilts. Yesterday I made a baby quilt from two different blocks; one pieced, the other a plain 4.5″ square — they were different sizes even though I had cut accurately! I really need to work out this scant-quarter-inch thing!

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