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What I’m reading

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I haven’t posted my reading material in a while so I’ll catch up.

I’ve been working my way through Donna Leon’s mysteries that take place in Venice, Italy finishing both Suffer the Little Children (2007) and The Girl of His Dreams (2008).

I’m reading Laura Lippman’s novel And When She was Good and finished her novel The Girl in the Green Raincoat.

I just finished the book Reunion: A Search for Ancestors by Ryan Littrell

I’m still listening to audiobooks while knitting although I admit I’m still shocked at how much longer it takes to listen to a book than to read it. Tonight I finished Master and Commander by Patrick O’Brian and started listening to The Grace of Silence by Michele Norris.

While I usually enjoy a good biography I wasn’t sure I wanted to listen this one that focused on race issues or should I say the issues of race but it’s read by the author herself who grew up here in Minneapolis and I’m finding it very interesting and enjoyable.

On my needles

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I’ve trimmed a quilt, made binding, machine stitched binding, hand stitched binding, and spent an hour making HeartStrings blocks today … Keith and Chesty are upstairs in bed and finally I can sit down with my knitting and relax.

I’ve started the second skein and my Vortex Shawl is coming along. I’m intrigued by circular shawls so I’ve been reading up and just had to order Elizabeth Zimmerman’s Knitter’s Almanac to read about Pi Shawls.

I can’t spread it all out for you because it’s constrained by my circular needle but its looking lovely!


Ready for the weekend

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Keith has been gone all week and will be gone most of next week but if I’m going to get through my list before we head to GA I’ll need to work this weekend … So today before he got home I got the binding on a couple quilts that are now ready to be hand sewn. I can sit with him and watch TV or listen to music and still be working.


I had a helper upstairs today too!


At the risk of boring you,

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I’ll share another HeartString top quilted with the Jilly Pantograph by Keryn Emmerson. I went to my UFO closet and realized I could do this one with the panto that was already set up on the machine AND finish it in time to donate it next month with several others I’m taking to the WI/MN HeartStrings sew-in. So now my March UFO just needs binding.


I also got another set of HeartStrings blocks started. I’m doing our 365 block challenge this year and am trying not to get behind so a set of 48 blocks is on March’s ‘to do’ list.



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I usually don’t like dark thread on light fabrics but sometimes, like with this top, I want to do an all over pattern and not see the thread in the purple sashed area. By using a scroll pattern like Jilly by Keryn Emmerson I can use a darker thread and have it look good in the light areas. This lovely HeartStrings top was pieced by Beth


It’s easy now

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I had to get a needle with a longer cable today so Keith and I went out to lunch and I stopped by the yarn shop.

It’s an easy knit at this point and is growing fast … Of course my progress will slow down as the diameter grows and each row will take much longer. I just love the spiral!


The color is more true in the first photo but I wanted to show you why I cast on so many times … Look how neat and pretty my center is.


I almost gave up

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I thought I would never get this circular shawl cast on. Who knew that casting on so few stitches on DPN’s would be so challenging. I think I must have started over 10 or 15 times but now I’m on a circular needle and chugging along.

Tomorrow I’m going to pick up a needle with a larger cable so you should be able to see the rotation but I’m liking it so far.


I debated whether to make it in red or purple and as you can see, this pretty variegated purple won.


I seriously need to get down to the longarm room … Have 4 tops to quilt on my to do list but I might wait until Monday to start them.