Casting on

I’ve spent a quiet day knitting and listening to my audiobook on Catherine the Great.

On the way from one hotel to the next I just happened to pass by a yarn shop and ran in to buy yarn for a Milk Run Shawl since I knew I’d be finishing up the Vortex Shawl today.

I’m hoping the Vortex will block out bigger … Judging finished sizes is not my strong suit but I actually made mine a bit larger than the pattern called for so I’m hoping I got the size right. I could have and maybe should have gone on for more rows since I had the yarn but it’s done and I’m moving on.

This yarn is a blue gray color with a little bit of purple running through it. I’m hoping the drape will be OK.


Tomorrow through Thursday I’ll be participating in a HeartStrings sew-in but still hope to have some knitting time in the evenings.

3 thoughts on “Casting on

  1. June Keyser

    Mary, this shawl will be my first attempt at a shawl. I surely hope you post frequent pictures!

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