Busy, busy

You know how much I love tying quilts … Weird I know when so many people hate it but here I am in Maine, having a wonderful time tying HeartStrings quilts.


5 thoughts on “Busy, busy

  1. Marilyn

    Where does your group get batting from? You look so happy tying those quilts. Want to come over to my house and tie some for me?

  2. Pam C

    I am glad that some people like tying quilts! I sure don’t.
    I too am curious about your batting. It looks pretty nice-where do you get such a huge roll?

  3. connie

    I’m curious about what that batting is, too. I’ve tried tying a quilt and cannot get the needle through the batting. I’ve tried different needles so I must be using the wrong type of batting.

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