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I appreciate all the feedback on the shawl edging. I think I’ve decided to go with the Picot and will knit for a while longer before binding off since this edging won’t add anything to the shawł’s diameter.

A ruffle however is definitely in my future either with another Vortex which was an easy and fun knit other than the cast on … Or maybe one of these!

Sew-in fun

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HeartStrings had a sew-in today in Roberts, WI. We had a great turnout, 20 attendees and lots of blocks and tops were made. I took 14 completed quilts that will be donated and brought home 8 tops to quilt and bind. I love being a part of HeartStrings!

Rhonda and Kathy hosted (and we celebrated Kathy’s birthday!)


Betty made a set of my string log cabin blocks which were assembled along with lots of other HeartStrings tops. I love the browns! I worked on a multi color set because I’m determine to try and tame my string bins and refuse to cut additional fabric for a single color version.


Cindy and Sheree were my table companions and it was great catching up with them.


On and off my needles

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The TGV shawl is finished except for the weaving of the many ends in…I was NOT happy with this ball of yarn, 3 knots in one ball/skein is 3 too many in my opinion. Love the colorway but it’s not the softest yarn.

I might make another one of these and make it a bit larger but this will definitely work – it’s kind of in that place between a shawl and scarf. I can wear it with my coat and leave it across my shoulders for a little extra warmth.


When I was done I pulled the Vortex shawl back out. I’ve been considering alternate edgings – knit and crochet – but haven’t made any decisions. I did knit a few more rows on this one … And I might continue on until I have 80 stitches in each section right now I have 76.


More on Reader’s Digest

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On one hand I hate the idea of destroying a book but on the other hand I love this idea.

Judy wrote:

I just bought two at a thrift store – they were 50 cents each.  I plan to make a box using the two as materials.  I think I got the idea from the Country Living magazine.  Here’s a link:

Sara also commented that her mother’s Reader’s Digest books are at her brother’s cabin … I do have a few shelves at Big Canoe so I might just have to find some of these for myself. Thanks for all the tips on finding them at library sales, thrift stores, and garage sales. Don’t tell Keith I’m thinking about starting a collection of them!

My memory is so bad!

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I used to have such a great memory but now it just sucks!

I’d forgotten that I’d made another one of these … and even noted in the post that while I didn’t own the book, the quilt was based on one I’d seen from the first Nickel Quilt book. Thanks to Vivian for searching thru old blog posts and finding it. This one went to Deb in one of our family quilt exchanges.

Autumn Geese

My Flannel Quilt

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I had a question about the quilt that appears in my posts … You know the ones, I’m sitting on the sofa in front of the fire with my knitting and Chesty!

This was a quilt I made for Keith from a set of flannel fat quarters that Mom had given me. He didn’t love the colors but did love the warmth of an all flannel quilt.

I don’t remember where I’d seen a similar quilt, in a book or online but the 4 patches and geese really appealed to me and so I drafted and made one of my own.


EDIT: Lori recognized the quilt and said the pattern for the quilt is in Nickel Quilts–the first book. It is called Flying Home From Bali Bali.

After several years Keith convinced me to make him another flannel quilt in more manly colors so now I get to use this one.


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It seems we usually get less than predicted but the latest winter storm alert is:

Snowfall Accumulations Of 10 To 12 Inches With Locally HigherAmounts Approaching 14 Or 15 Inches Are Expected In A BandCentered Along A Line From Redwood Falls…To The Twin CitiesMetro

Luckily I love snow … Even snow in April.

April’s UFO is finished

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The Owl Strippie is finished. I’m usually very good about cutting binding and putting it in a bin but I pieced this one in GA and somewhere in my disaster of a sewing room is a baggie with the leftover fabric and binding meant for this quilt. Luckily I had a similar blue in the stash I was able to substitute and I’m sure I’ll come across the original binding soon now that I don’t need it.


I’ve got 5 of the 15 yards of fabric for my aunt quilted ( she’s using the quilted fabric to make bags) but no progress made on assembling the hourglass quilt on the design wall which is also on my list of goals for this month.


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April’s UFO still needs binding but I did get it quilted today.


The rest of my quilting time this month will be quilting yardage for my Aunt. Somehow I thought I’d agreed to quilt 29 yards of fabric but luckily it’s just 15 yards in 1 and 2 yard pieces. I’ll do pantographs on all of it so it won’t be hard, just a bit boring. This 2 yard piece is quilted with Jilly by Keryn Emmerson. !


On my needles

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Still puttering in the sewing room without much to show. Playing with some ideas for a braid quilt and knitting. Maybe tomorrow I’ll get downstairs and do some quilting.


I like how the colors are falling on this small shawl but not thrilled that there have been two knots in the skein. Hopefully there aren’t any more.