I’m not the quilt police

Working with HeartStrings gives me the opportunity to work with tops assembled by many different quilters and while I’m not the quilt police, a nicely pressed top is SO much easier to work with.

I do practice what I preach — the back of the hourglass top is looking pretty neat — pressing as you go along helps the accuracy of your piecing too and although I make no claim to being a perfect piecer, my quilts are assembled pretty nicely.


I do suggest that HeartStrings tops have the seams pressed open which decreases bulk that comes from using a foundation.


Today I pulled out the Strips and Strings log cabin blocks I started at the Roberts sew-in and made some progress with them. My goal is to take at least two sets of of blocks for HeartStrings to GA with me this summer to assemble. I’m planning to be there several weeks and am lining up my projects.


7 thoughts on “I’m not the quilt police

  1. SaraF

    I agree completely about the pressing. It makes all the difference in how the quilt turns out. I had a home ec teacher in high school make this point over and over again in garment sewing, and it still holds true with quilting too.

  2. Penny G

    I am not the world’s greatest presser, so I know what a difference it makes. The thing I don’t get is how I think it is pressed properly and suddenly a seam is flipped or just folds up. When I used to press all seams open it was better, maybe I should go back to that.

  3. Ann

    Pressing makes a world of difference when assembling a quilt top ~ not sure how non-pressing quilters ever get seams to line up.

  4. Linda in NE

    I’ll second the part about Heartstrings quilts needing the seams pressed open. Strips also need to have the edges matching when they are sewed on so both fabrics are caught in the seam and then they need to be well pressed with no pleats at the seam lines. One of the three I recently quilted had all three problems and just made the quilting so much harder.

  5. Shari in AZ

    Oh my the pressing certainly does make a wonderful difference in both quilting and the wear & tear on the blocks in a finished quilt. “Lumpies” do not make for a very snuggly quilt either.

  6. Lynne

    Ah yes, I learned very early the importance of pressing and I still do silly things which remind me to press!

  7. Pat C in Washington

    I make quilts for charity, and our group takes in donated quilt tops for completion. I am sometimes called upon to “rescue” some of the tops that need a little TLC. The borders need to be re-sewn or the whole thing needs a good pressing, or there are random threads 6″ long hanging off the poor thing. We are grateful for what people donate but it’s sometimes surprising what people will turn in as “finished”.

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