On my needles

Yes it’s still the Milk Run shawl but it’s growing!

While I know to use a different color marker when knitting in the round to identify the beginning of the row, when I set up this shawl (NOT knit in the round), I used the same color markers as I placed them as instructed.

Once the shawl is established, you are mainly alternating a knit row with an increase row and early on I had the bright idea to place a different colored marker that would identify which row was my increase row ….. Experienced knitters probably know and do this but it was a light bulb moment for me not to have to track each row I knit.

If the green marker is at the beginning – I know it’s an increase row.


If the white marker is at the beginning – I know it’s a knit row without increases.


And if I forget which I’m on by the time I reach the center, I can glance down and know if I need to increase or knit the two stitches on either side of the center. In this case, the white on the right tells me it’s a plain knit row.


Having my markers in place like this makes it easy to knit without looking at my pattern or tracking rows until I get ready to add the bell ruffle.

8 thoughts on “On my needles

  1. Joan

    I have saved this pattern to make in the future so I appreciate you clever use of makers hint.

  2. Ann

    Love the yarn you’re using ~ it’s going to be lovely! Markers make keeping track soooo much easier.

  3. Carolyn

    Thanks for the tip, I would never have figured that out on my own. This may have to be my next project once I finish a baby afghan and my hat!

  4. linda

    Thanks so much for the hint about the markers what a greattttt idea! I know I will use that one in the future. it would make many patterns much easier !

  5. Diane

    I am just learning to knit. I have made everyone I know knit dishcloths. LOL! That is the mark of a true friend! They take them and thank me profusely for the not quite square, uneven tensioned, not real pretty dishcloth. I figure the more I practice the better I will get and why not make something useful while doing it.
    I can see improvement so I hope to make my daughter something pretty for her birthday in December.

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