Out my window

A quick glance out the window to see if I needed my raincoat to take Chesty to the vet and it’s snowing. Someone forgot to tell Mother Nature that it’s May 3rd although it’s going to be 70 again on Monday so maybe she just can’t make up her mind …. Spring …. more Winter….Spring …..more Winter. It’s been a long winter but if its going to be cold and wet, I’ll still take a little snow over rain.


6 thoughts on “Out my window

  1. Valerie Smith

    WOW! We are fortunate here as spring as finally showed up. It’s about 75 degrees…but I hear that snow from out west is coming our way. Yuck! 🙂

  2. Ann

    And I’m seriously wondering what’s happened to Mother Nature ~ strange indeed.

  3. Marlene

    We had snow yesterday and it is cold here! We had 80 on Monday and Tuesday. I think it is the longest winter in history!

  4. Marky

    Yesterday I heard someone in the bank say that living in Wisconsin means you can have Spring, Summer, Winter, and Fall all in the same week! The same can be said for our neighbors in Minnesota. What a roller coaster we’ve been on weather wise!

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