Memorial Day

A long holiday weekend means time with Keith but most importantly it’s an opportunity to honor those that have lost their lives in service to our country as I sew along with HeartStrings this weekend making quilts that will go to wounded soldiers and veterans.


2 thoughts on “Memorial Day

  1. Penny G

    All my life I have lived in military towns and worked as a civilian contractor for more than 20 years. I used to think pilots were insufferable until one explained that kind of like doctors there is so much riding on the fact that they do their jobs correctly. Each of the men and women who serve have a purpose and even in peace times their roles are essential in keeping the peace. I attend the chapel on a SOCOM base and my daughters had friends whose father’s died in the attempt to rescue hostages, some who died on missions that are unknown to us, and when you read the paper here it is not if another family will be affected, it is thanking God that it is not today. These men are heroes everyday. The mechanics who keep the planes in the skies, the weapons folks who load the planes, the planners who try to make sure that the mission is as safe as possible for the pilots and the people on the ground surrounding the attack. Yet they are crying out for people to recognize the meaning of today and to be aware that it isn’t just another beach or barbeque day. They have a reason to want their fallen comrades to be honored. They also should be honored. It is a time to realize bravery and your hard work every stitch does that and your work is truly appreciated. They know that they are loved and each one who receives a quilt from HeartStrings is reminded every time they wrap it around them or look across a room. Thank you for your efforts.

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