Tracking my steps … Again

After waiting for a few weeks, I now have a new FitBit Flex. I like that it’s waterproof and I snap it on my wrist and don’t have to take it off except to charge it every 3-5 days and it automatically transfers the data to my iPhone.


I also like the encouragement as I reach my goal.

4 thoughts on “Tracking my steps … Again

  1. Nancy

    I got my first fitbit a couple of years ago to help encourage me to get up and walk. It helped with my recovery of a broken leg. I still don’t walk enough but I do more than I did to begin with. How accurate is the one for the wrist. I know that there have been problems with the fuelband – not counting all activity. Especially if you rode a bike. I always move my fitbit to my sock when on my bike. Otherwise it doesn’t count.

  2. Angie

    Forget my last comment Mollie, I see you got the wristband model. I’m considering the one that goes onto your clothing. There are several models of that one. I don’t think I would like the one on my wrist when I’m sewing or long arm quilting. I take off my watch or any jewelry when I sew. Please let us know how you like the Flex.

  3. LizA.

    I’ve had a fitbit flex for about three weeks now. I love it. It really does help me keep moving more because I keep trying to beat my record. You don’t really notice it after awhile. Occasionally I do try to look at like its a watch….I found I only have to charge it 1x a week. The only thing I’m not sure it’s real accurate about is the sleep tracking.

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