Overly optimistic

I thought I might get one more top quilted before heading out but as usual I was overly optimistic.

Chesty watched me running around all day packing up for 6 weeks. This photo was taken earlier today before I checked my last item off the list, a bath and good brushing for him! He’s now all soft, clean, and cuddled right next to me.


We did walk across the river for dinner …. My excuse for getting some steps in.


It’s not the coast (which I miss desperately!) but I am fortunate to be just steps from the Mississippi.


We head out at 6 AM tomorrow – I don’t expect I’ll be able to sleep tonight so I’ll get some knitting done later.

6 thoughts on “Overly optimistic

  1. Sandra Clarke

    That last photo is so beautiful!!! Are you headed to Georgia? We recently had a silent auction at my church and I got the winning bid for a week at Big Canoe, but haven’t decided when we will go yet, maybe in the fall. I have stayed there before in a different home. Have fun.

  2. diana purdy

    Enjoy your trip, and those two little cuties! Is Chesty going with you? He looks like he’s wondering if he gets to go, too! Will you get to see Mom, too?

  3. SaraF

    Enjoy your trip and time spent with family. It is precious. Your photos of the river are great. MPLS is a pretty city and I still miss living there even after over 30 years.

  4. Jeanne

    My heart skipped a beat when I saw the picture of your little Chesty. He is a twin to our dog Muffy who died in 1998. I loved her and still miss her little white face. My husband even thought it was a picture of our Muffy. Dogs do have a special place in your heart.

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