Out of the flat Midwest and into the mountains of TN. We’re just 2 hours from Big Canoe and Chris called to let me know they’ll be there when we arrive so we’ll see Rae today!


5 thoughts on “Mountains!

  1. Penny G

    Yea – family snuggles! I wonder if Rae will spend a moment alone. Oh the mountains are beautiful too.

  2. Pat C in Washington

    After the mountains of the Pacific Northwest, I always have to grin at what my east coast cousins call mountains. They get really tired of our superiority complex! “If it hasn’t erupted in the last 2 or 300 years it isn’t really a mountain.” We’re really annoying that way.

  3. Gayle Grier

    Looks like you were in my ‘neck-of-the-woods’!! Photo looks like Nickajack Lake off I-24 near the point where Tennessee, Georgia and Alabama meet. Next time you are through, let me know and we can have coffee. Safe travels to you!

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