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Brickless Shawl

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Not much going on yesterday and today. Living so far away, it’s hard to keep up with everything here so I’ve spent a couple days doing household stuff and catching up on my sleep

I did get my Brickless shawl blocked and photos taken today. Just in time for the project deadline.



Just a reminder for those of you that would like to learn to knit — I taught myself so it can be done. You just have to jump in and try.

I’m still here

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I’m enjoying Keith’s visit. We’ve been doing some hiking and then just relaxing in the evening and enjoying each other’s company. Chris comes for the afternoon tomorrow with Becky and Rae and then Keith leaves early Monday.


I’ve been knitting and cast off my Brickless shawl late tonight … Several issues with it including my misjudging how much yarn an extra pattern repeat would take. I didn’t have enough yarn to complete the final lace section but it’s such a long asymmetric shawl I don’t think it’s noticeable. I’m going to block it tomorrow night or Monday so we’ll see how it looks then but here it is all coiled up …



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The sashed tumblers are assembled. I need to get a better photo so maybe Keith will hold it up for me this weekend. I will be putting some brief instructions up on the website later but for now, I’m going to take a hike and then spend a couple hours by the pool.


More hiking, more sewing, more knitting

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I don’t have anything new to share … Are you tired of photos from the trails? One thing I love about them is that they wind alongside creeks and streams and I love hearing the sound of the water as I walk.


Progress is being made on the tumblers … Chesty likes my machine in its current location … He sat up on the sofa and watched me sew all afternoon.


I think I’m on the final lace section of my Brickless Shawl … I have plenty of yarn so I might add one more section but time is running out so we’ll see.

I’ve got dinner plans in Marietta tomorrow and Keith is making an unexpected trip here this weekend … after a week on my own, I’m looking forward to a little family time.


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I pulled out the tumblers today and started playing with them.


I decided to modify my original design somewhat and if I was at home with my stash and tumbler die, I would modify it to look like this drawing … But I’m not so I’ll work with what I have here. I’ve also decided I don’t like the half tumblers … I prefer leaving my edges irregular. I think it adds more interest so this will be the first and last quilt that I use the half tumblers on.