Thoughts on blogging

Every year or two it seems that something happens to make me reassess public blogging. Sometimes it’s some particularly nasty comments and sometimes it’s the thought of specific people reading my blog and knowing things about me and my life that unsettles me.

So just when I start to think about taking my blog private … (It is my journal so I would not stop writing, just stop sharing) … I meet someone who follows the blog. Yesterday, that was my son’s co-worker Daryl and I realize how many wonderful people I’ve met in the last 7+ years of blogging and know that I don’t want that to stop.

You may not realize it but what you see here is the public Mary (Mollie). I may share family photos but you won’t read about the challenges in my life, family disagreements, or other personal, private things – I’m just not one of those bloggers that shares all. So after considering everything, once again I’m choosing to leave my blog public.

45 thoughts on “Thoughts on blogging

  1. Geri Faivre

    Hi Mary,

    Glad to hear that you will continue your blog. I enjoy reading about your qccomplishments and your family. I’m not a blogger, but enjoy reading others. I have used some of your patterns and they have inspired me to make quilts similar to yours. Thanks.

  2. Judy

    Hi Mary … Thanks for keeping your blog … I look for your reports everyday.
    Thanks also for your ideas and your patterns.

  3. Patti

    I’m glad you’re continuing. I like looking at the quilts you make, or finish. I’ve also really enjoyed the ocassional peek at Minnesota weather (although my St Paul daughter is off to Seattle now – this last winter convinced her to move on!). Anyway, I do enjoy your blog – thanks for sharing!

  4. Robin

    Good to hear that you will keep your blog open to all. I do not have a blog but I do enjoy reading along.

  5. Deb Myers

    i would be sad to see you leave the ‘public’ world. your’s is the very first blog i ever discovered, followed and read. i’d be lost w/o it. i understand totally what you’re saying, and can only imagine the sometimes nastiness of the blogging world. ( i only ready of it,… i don’t have a blog of my own.)

    thanks for hanging in there and staying with us, your fans! i so enjoy your blog~

  6. Sheila Nichols

    I’m so glad you are leaving your blog public. My mother and I just pulled up your blog to look at some of your little Quick Strippie quilts. She bought some Christmas fabric to make some little quilts for her great grandchildren.
    Thank you for all you do, Mary.

  7. Randa

    So happy to hear that you are going to continue with your blog. It would be very sad to have you leave!

    I so enjoy your blog, your quilts, your pictures, your knitting, etc!!!

    Thank you!

  8. Flatlander (Linda)

    Glad you’re staying “public”, Mollie … you would be missed very much. Others have said it already but I will repeat it again … thank you very much for ALL you do … and for sharing it with us. It is greatly appreciated. Enjoy your family time … that’s important … that is what REALLY counts 😉 Linda

  9. Maymewyns

    I don’t blog either but I love reading others. Glad you are staying. You would be missed. I love traveling with you and watching your Grandchildren grow. Hugs, Mayme

  10. Teresa Meyer

    Well I for one am happy that you are continuing to share your blog. For someone who works from home and is rather isolated, I feel like I’ve developed a friendship with you via your blog. As you know from my emails, we have a LOT in common, but I wouldn’t share the very personal events in my life either. I do find your postings extremely motivating, not only the good works you do by making the charity quilts, but your knitting, plus your walking/hiking. As you know, I’m looking forward to the end of next year when I can retire and quilt full-time! So thank you, thank you, thank you! Continue to share!! And continue to share the “eye candy” of all the beautiful quilts!

  11. Sue

    Thank you Mary. I like to follow your blog because I so enjoy the quilts you make and the fact that so many are given away. You give me ideas and patterns and the encouragement to just do it. I have started making quilts for nursing homes. I thank you for the tutorial on tying. And the patterns you are so free with. I don’t always comment, but I want to say thanks.

  12. Norece

    I have made six quilts this year using your tutorials, thank you for your support in the quilting world. You would be missed if you closed your blog.

  13. Jane

    I, too, am so glad you will continue to share your blog. I have been reading if for what must be years and it’s the first one I check each morning!
    Your generosity with both your quilting and your pattern-sharing is very inspirational and has inspired me to do more for donation to my community.
    And as a doggy-mom I love hearing about Chesty!

    All the best to you and your family.

  14. vera

    Good for you .I enjoy your blog. There will always be someone with a neg. remark. Pay no attention to them there is a lot more quilters that like to rad it. Vera.

  15. Bonnie

    So glad you are keeping your blog. I read it every day, enjoy seeing your beautiful quilts, get inspired by your work ethic, and smile at the pictures of your adorable grandchildren.

  16. Annette

    I don’t have a blog either, but enjoy following along with you. Fell like you are a “Georgia girl” since you come here several times a year.

  17. Ann

    Another follower here and so glad you will continue to share ~ your posts are my inspiration!

  18. Ming

    I’m sure glad that you’re keeping the blog public! I love your quilts, quilting and especially LOVE your stories and photos of Mr. Chesty! Loved the new look he was sporting yesterday!

  19. Nancy

    I am so happy you will keep this public. I visit usually more than once a day and would miss you so much. I learn so much from you.

  20. Jeannie

    Sent Mollie an email then saw the comments. Am also glad for this blog to continue. Reading Mollie’s blog is better than reading a book. It’s a modern, living ‘Little House on the Prairie’. I would hate to not read about little Rae, and Chesty, and the rest of the crew.

  21. SaraF

    I really enjoy your blog so am glad to hear you will continue with keeping it public. I really just don’t understand people who feel it is OK to write mean or rude comments on blogs that journal creativity. It makes no sense to me.

  22. Cindy in NC

    I’m so glad you’re sticking with it/us, Mollie. You have no idea how much good you do by sharing your patterns
    and tips. I first learned about string quilting and “hot dog” pillowcases from your blog.

    My mother’s stash stayed packed in tubs after I inherited it. Most of the fabric wasn’t my style, but I couldn’t just dump it at a thrift shop. I had to do something with it that would honor her and her love of fabric. Just before the first anniversary of her death I discovered your pillowcase tutorial, which was literally an answer to prayer.

    Since then I have made and donated over 300 pillowcases. Most have gone to the Million Pillowcase Challenge. Some were sent to female soldiers serving in Afghanistan (see how far reaching your influence is!). Just a few days ago I took 20 to my Newborns in Need meeting. One of the hospitals we supply likes to put them around the isolette matresses (like a fitted sheet) and then send them home with the babies as a keepsake.

    I certainly understand wanting to keep your private life out of the blog, but I hope you will continue to share your quilting life (and occasional pictures of your cute grandchildren and Chesty) with us.

    Cindy in NC

  23. Donna

    I am glad you will remain public as well as the above well wishers. I have enjoyed reading your blog for the past couple of years and have also enjoyed making a couple of your patterns. Thanks for sharing.

  24. Sandra Clarke

    I love reading about all your knitting & quilting!! My stash is not going down one bit but I love looking at other folk’s quilts. Maybe soon I will be inspired to get busy!!!

  25. Lori-Marie

    I am as well glad! 🙂
    For myself and my daughters…we are blessed and have learned many things from this blog & for us we always feel like you sort of get ‘to-know’ some one! You know our ‘blog-friends’! 😉
    I do not have time to comment (most of the time) but thankful that I can catch up & see how you & yours are doing!
    Thankful for your decision! 🙂
    Lori-Marie 🙂

  26. Shari

    Oh Mary I would miss you so much if you were to stop public blogging. Your inspiration is just what a quixotic creativness needs!

  27. Brenda in Namibia

    Thank goodness you’ve decided to carry on sharing your blog – as you can see from the comments above we would all be the poorer without our daily “fix”. I’m so sorry some people choose to make negative comments – shame on them Mollie. Keep up the good work – your blog is an inspiration and much appreciated 🙂

  28. Sharon

    Don’t stop blogging! Your blog is the one and only blog that I read every day. I look forward to the posts, even if they have nothing to do with quilting. It makes you more human and down to Earth. Thanks for all the previous posts. I truly appreciate them all.

  29. debra

    It would be a little sadness for me if you stopped blogging, but I can understand your reasons. Never the less, you would still be in my life for I have made so many wonderful quilts with your help 😉

    Thanks for all that you share.

  30. Sue in MN

    We don’t have enough Sew Ins for me to keep up with all your comings and goings! glad you are keeping the blog. My life is to boring it’s fun having a friend with such and adventurous life!

  31. Karen

    Thanks for keeping your blog public! Your enthusiasm puts a smile on my face and motivates me to finish my quilting projects!

  32. Jo

    Mary, I’m happy you will continue blogging public, I’m an addicted reader since your roman stripes quilt, I always admire all the finishes and binding you do, also the fastness of your knitting,
    please stay a little bit longer, thanks
    Jo from Belgium

  33. KatieQ

    I’m glad you will be keeping your blog public. Like all of the previous comments, I enjoy your patterns, knitting, and the little snippets of your life. I particularly enjoy seeing photos of the places you visit that I might never see for myself.

  34. Vic in NH

    Thank you for continuing to share your thoughts and projects with us. I’m sorry that there must’ve been an unpleasant incident to even make you consider going completely private. Personally, I am often inspired by your musings and have made several quilts that I credited to your designs on the labels of my quilts. Thank you so very much!

  35. Debra

    Yea, I really enjoy your blog and the many quilts you work on, your knitting and of course Chesty. Please know that your blog is appreciated.

  36. Cleta

    Mary, Thanks for keeping your blog public. I’m not a blogger at all but so enjoy reading yours. I love seeing Chesty and the rest of your family. I’ve made some of the patterns you’ve so kindly shared with us. Blessings and Thank you.

  37. Linda in NE

    I’m glad you decided to stay public, I enjoy reading your blog and seeing quilts and knitting projects you work on. I have one top for QOV finished, just needs to be quilted. Don’t know if I’ll get more done or not, though I try to do 2 or 3 QOV quilts a year. This seems to be a year of quilts for family gifts.

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