Comments on my blogging post

Rather than trying to respond to each comment individually, I’m going to thank you all as a group for your support and encouragement. If I hadn’t already decided to leave the blog public, your kind comments would have convinced me to do so.

8 thoughts on “Comments on my blogging post

  1. QuiltSue

    Well I’m really glad you’re staying. I’d miss the walks you take us on, and seeing your grandkids and quilts and Chestie.

  2. Diana

    I look forward to reading your blog daily. I am getting ready to use the strip pattern for some charity quilts. Cut the focus fabrics this morning. Thanks for sharing your patterns and ideas.

  3. Carol

    Enjoy your blog and all your quilts for Heartstrings. Encouraging to me to do more charity quilting. Your patterns are easy and fun and well written. Thanks for your giving spirit!

  4. Susan D.

    Ah yes, glad you’re staying. I enjoy the quilts, the patterns, and so many of the long arm designs that you’ve used, I’ve bought after seeing them on your quilts. And I’ve shared your web site with all the freebie patterns with ladies at my LQS where I teach beginning quilting. You’ve been a great inspiration to many of us. I started with Google reader per your recommendation, too. ( and very sorry it’s gone)And you’ve always taken that extra time to answer my questions, which I find amazing considering how many followers you have. Your visit to the lake is wonderful– so peaceful, and we all need a little reflection time in our lives. Your grandchildren are adorable, and looking so very much like their Dads. Wonderful that you have the means and time to make them a priority in your life. Thank you– always.

  5. Kathy

    I’m so glad you’re leaving the blog public. Your blog is one I read often. Thanks for the inspiration!

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