I earned it tonight

Knitting is what I most want to do right now but I make myself earn it …. I sewed, then hiked, had dinner and now I’m settling in with my knitting for a few hours. I earned a glass of wine too!

It was a little drier out there today.


3 thoughts on “I earned it tonight

  1. Penny G

    I think you earned it and I can’t wait until my medication is decreased so I can splurge with a glass of wine.

  2. Marilyn

    You have the most beautiful place to hike! Wish I lived near you. I walk every day in my neighborhood and it is getting a little boring. But I know it is good for me. Just wish I could see the numbers on the scale go down.

  3. Ann

    In my dreams I have a beautiful place like that to walk, too ~ while the city sidewalks are visible under my feet. Thank you for sharing those lovely pictures.

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