Every year I try to complete 12 UFO’s – one per month but of course every year I create more UFO’s too. The hardest ones for me to finish are those left in pieces … Tops don’t bother me at all but I find it very hard to get backing into the piecing of a quilt that’s been set aside.

Today I pulled out my 9 patch UFO. This one was started in May 2011 and while I won’t complete it this month, I will get it to the finished top stage.

This morning as I pulled it out of the bag.


I usually sew in the guest bedroom but we’ve been moving some furniture around. Luckily my sewing table is easy to fold up and move. Today, I set it up in the living area.


By the time I was was ready to stop and go for a hike, I had the center assembled. I will add a single blue border the same width as the sashing tomorrow and call this top done.


10 thoughts on “UFO’s

  1. Marilyn McKinnon

    I am very envious of your sewing table. It looks so compact. Can I ask what the make is?
    By the way. I would really miss your blog if you were to stop so I am glad you decided to continue!

  2. Pat C in Washington

    “….of course every year I create more UFOs….” that made me laugh! It is SO true! And every month at my charity quilting group, I get handed at least one project that got turned in to our quilt group – a partially finished project that someone got tired of that’s in some phase or another of completion – and I get to finish it off. That’s what I’m working on this weekend. I keep telling myself I’ll feel such a sense of accomplishment when I’ve finished one of them. Right now I just want to read.

  3. Ann

    The addition of narrow sashing between the 9 patch block really adds visual interest. I like it a lot. Productive afternoon and another UFO almost complete ~ that has to feel good!

  4. Sue

    I agree with the comment about the narrow sashing. The quilt looks so fresh and bright. I love how you have put it together!

  5. Pat Skaggs

    How will you quilt this quilt? I just finished a trip around the world and am having trouble deciding how to quilt it. I wanted to try feathers but not sure if they would work and am not sure if I am good enough to pull it off. Your quilts look so nice. I quilt the quilts for Sew for Vets but there are always so many that I usually just do some kind of meandering.

  6. Deb@asimplelifequilts

    I really like this top! Something I have learned in my quest to finish UFOs this year is to keep a large recipe card with each project noting where I’m at, pattern name, etc. Some of mine already had this and it makes it so much easier! I’m also trying to leave projects at natural finishing points (i.e. blocks made in sets/flimsy stage). Almost “mini finishes” which make it much more appealing to keep them moving along.

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