More hiking, more sewing, more knitting

I don’t have anything new to share … Are you tired of photos from the trails? One thing I love about them is that they wind alongside creeks and streams and I love hearing the sound of the water as I walk.


Progress is being made on the tumblers … Chesty likes my machine in its current location … He sat up on the sofa and watched me sew all afternoon.


I think I’m on the final lace section of my Brickless Shawl … I have plenty of yarn so I might add one more section but time is running out so we’ll see.

I’ve got dinner plans in Marietta tomorrow and Keith is making an unexpected trip here this weekend … after a week on my own, I’m looking forward to a little family time.

8 thoughts on “More hiking, more sewing, more knitting

  1. Michele in TN

    Don’t you just love Marrietta? I lived there a few years ago (I have moved around alot) for a couple of years and really enjoyed it – except for the traffic! lol! Is the town square still full of antique shops and little bistros? Enjoy!

    Michele in TN

  2. Penny G

    My husband calls the moments hiking with running water nearby his moments of zen. Glad Keith gets to come see you for the weekend. Have a great time!

  3. Nancy

    How fun that Chesty can keep an eye on the action without being in the way.

    Enjoy your “surprise” visitor this weekend.

  4. Ann

    I love going along with you on your walks ~ they look so peaceful. Chesty looks like the King of his castle ready to offer his opinion at any moment. Enjoy the time you have with Keith!

  5. Cyndi Holguin

    Enjoy your time with Keith. I really enjoy your photos of the paths you walk. I pretend I am walking with you. It is lovely out there.

  6. Marcy Hail

    Hello. so glad you have continued your blog. I love seeing what you are working on and hearing of your travels. Really envious of your bike rides. No place near me to ride without traffic. wish my husband would leave GA when he retires but it’s a great place for a golfer. Enjoy your walks! I am off to Boston on Sat. Marcy

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