Brickless Shawl

Not much going on yesterday and today. Living so far away, it’s hard to keep up with everything here so I’ve spent a couple days doing household stuff and catching up on my sleep

I did get my Brickless shawl blocked and photos taken today. Just in time for the project deadline.



Just a reminder for those of you that would like to learn to knit — I taught myself so it can be done. You just have to jump in and try.

8 thoughts on “Brickless Shawl

  1. Ann

    Your shawl is beautiful, Mollie. Great finish! The time you were able to spend with family is extra special and I’m glad you caught up on your rest. Take care.

  2. Deb

    Very inspiring Mary. Interested in what you would recommend as a starting point for a beginner. Do I start with Socks or simple baby jackets etc. Have knitted very simple scarves in the past….very simple. What would you recommend. Deb. Australia

  3. Diane

    The shawl is very pretty. I would like to see it on you (or someone) just to see how it lays.
    My husband has been away on another business trip this week so I’ve been doing the same thing, cleaning and resting. Today I will finish up small things then sew until he comes home this evening.
    Are you doing the next Camp Loopy? I need to go back and read previous posts.

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