Another Quick Strippie

I had some time this afternoon and evening and decided to cut out and piece another Quick Strippie.


I also soaked and then pinned my Vortex shawl. I finished knitting this the end of April but didn’t have anywhere at home that I could block it. I’m using the guest bed since I won’t need it until this weekend.


12 thoughts on “Another Quick Strippie

  1. Diane

    Cute strippie quilt! It makes me smile.
    I love the shawl. Tonight I am going to try for the first time a sock. It’s a baby sock but I hear its the perfect size to learn all the steps. Fingers crossed!

  2. SaraF

    This might be the cutest strippee you’ve made – just the cutest fabrics. And the knitted shawl looks really interesting – earned the name vortex for sure. But do you wear it doubled up?

  3. Penny G

    The vortex shawl is amazing. The appearance of movement with it lying there pinned to the bed reminds me of times when my dizziness used to kick in. Absolutely love the very cute strippie quilt and the colors are so cute without being typical baby.

  4. Sandra Clarke

    Mary, The strippie quilt is so cute, it just plain cheerful!!! The cow fabric is too cute!!! I like the shawl too. You amaze me with all you get done.

  5. QuiltSue

    I love the strippie fabric. Those cows are gorgeous.

    Your shawl looks wonderful laid out like that. It really shows why it’s called Vortex.

  6. Gisela

    mary that shawl is gorgeous. i think you should put it as a table cloth so you can admire your work every time you go by the table.Love your strippe too.I’m doing a dresden plate right now.

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