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I never get tired of these cute little Strippies — Kitty Strippie is now assembled.


This one may end up as a gift rather than a donation but I’ve got others to finish for donation … And just bought some more fabric at Tiny Stitches yesterday for a couple. Normally I just buy the focus print like this cute dinosaur one and pull the others from my stash.


Occasionally, I’ll buy all the fabrics … Like these three.


Instructions for making my Quick Strippie

A day to relax

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A massage first and then reading by the pool if the weather permits. Later I’ll take a hike if it isn’t raining, sew a little on the Quick Strippie I cut out this morning, and knit. Doesn’t it sound like the perfect day?!


These Strippies are perfect filler projects and I brought fabric for 3 of them with me. Tomorrow Adam is coming back for a visit with Caleb and Lindsey and Wednesday I’ll go into Marietta to get Chesty groomed and to see Chris and Rae so I wanted something easy for tonight and tomorrow if I felt like sewing.


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I probably should have walked first and sewn later but I was anxious to sew and now its raining. Maybe it will clear up so I can take a hike later.

The Strips and Strings Log Cabin blocks are assembled. It’s dark inside and wet outside so there’s no good place to take a photo.



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On today’s agenda:
▪Assembling a set of String Log Cabin blocks

When I bought an iron for here I chose a GE with auto shut off (for those times I worry I left it on). I like this one because it stays on longer than most auto shut off irons and the red light at the bottom tells me it’s on. If it shuts off, I just press that button and its back on. I may need to find one of these for home.

You can see the assembly of the string log cabin blocks has started.


Chesty’s in a cone on and off the last couple days. He doesn’t seem as itchy as usual for this time of year but he’s been scratching his ear. He settles right down when I put the cone on him so I don’t think it itches that much. He’s a bit of a mess so I’m glad he’s got a grooming appt. for Wednesday.


I’m loving my FitBit Flex. I’ve read some comments about the accuracy and did some research and testing on my own. Read what the FitBit site says.

For me, it seems pretty accurate unless I’m piecing and then it gives me extra steps so my solution is to clip it on my belt loop when I’m sewing so I still get credit for those steps but not for any of the arm movements. I wear it on my non dominant arm and knitting doesn’t affect it.

Even with my company last week, I managed to keep up with my step goals. I don’t expect to do 10,000 steps each day but would like my average steps per day to be about that.


Family time

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You won’t see any quilting this week. I’m spending time with the boys and babies, my Mom, and 2 of my sisters. Today Adam, Lindsey, and Caleb visited. Yesterday Chris and Rae were here. My mom and sisters don’t get to see them very often so I was happy they were both able to make it. They’re such good boys!


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No quilting going on this weekend but I did find a quilt shop in Jasper today … I even bought some fat quarters.

We’re enjoying our visit with Rae but she heads home tomorrow after brunch.



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I pieced these HeartStrings blocks during our Memorial Day sew along and now the top is assembled and my sewing machine stored away for our Holiday weekend. Chris and his family will be coming up and spending the weekend with us.


I’ll knit for a while and see if the rain clears up enough for me to take a walk