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Every year I try to complete 12 UFO’s – one per month but of course every year I create more UFO’s too. The hardest ones for me to finish are those left in pieces … Tops don’t bother me at all but I find it very hard to get backing into the piecing of a quilt that’s been set aside.

Today I pulled out my 9 patch UFO. This one was started in May 2011 and while I won’t complete it this month, I will get it to the finished top stage.

This morning as I pulled it out of the bag.


I usually sew in the guest bedroom but we’ve been moving some furniture around. Luckily my sewing table is easy to fold up and move. Today, I set it up in the living area.


By the time I was was ready to stop and go for a hike, I had the center assembled. I will add a single blue border the same width as the sashing tomorrow and call this top done.


Camp Loopy

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I’m chugging away on Brickless, my 2nd project for Camp Loopy and today I chose and ordered yarn for project 3. I’m going to make another shawl – Radiance and I’m using Rowan Lace in this color.


One of my challenges was that I was looking for a yarn that didn’t come in a hank since my ball winder and swift are at home. Luckily, I’d seen and bought this yarn for a small shawl when I was in Seattle and loved the feel and drape of it.


Now all I have to do is finish Brickless in time!

Thoughts on blogging

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Every year or two it seems that something happens to make me reassess public blogging. Sometimes it’s some particularly nasty comments and sometimes it’s the thought of specific people reading my blog and knowing things about me and my life that unsettles me.

So just when I start to think about taking my blog private … (It is my journal so I would not stop writing, just stop sharing) … I meet someone who follows the blog. Yesterday, that was my son’s co-worker Daryl and I realize how many wonderful people I’ve met in the last 7+ years of blogging and know that I don’t want that to stop.

You may not realize it but what you see here is the public Mary (Mollie). I may share family photos but you won’t read about the challenges in my life, family disagreements, or other personal, private things – I’m just not one of those bloggers that shares all. So after considering everything, once again I’m choosing to leave my blog public.


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I never get tired of these cute little Strippies — Kitty Strippie is now assembled.


This one may end up as a gift rather than a donation but I’ve got others to finish for donation … And just bought some more fabric at Tiny Stitches yesterday for a couple. Normally I just buy the focus print like this cute dinosaur one and pull the others from my stash.


Occasionally, I’ll buy all the fabrics … Like these three.


Instructions for making my Quick Strippie

A day to relax

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A massage first and then reading by the pool if the weather permits. Later I’ll take a hike if it isn’t raining, sew a little on the Quick Strippie I cut out this morning, and knit. Doesn’t it sound like the perfect day?!


These Strippies are perfect filler projects and I brought fabric for 3 of them with me. Tomorrow Adam is coming back for a visit with Caleb and Lindsey and Wednesday I’ll go into Marietta to get Chesty groomed and to see Chris and Rae so I wanted something easy for tonight and tomorrow if I felt like sewing.