I Love Scraps!

I used to try to avoid using my favorite fabrics for backings but I realized over the last few years that using a fabric for a backing gets it into my quilts faster than leaving it in yardage on the shelves. Whether it’s a chunk left at the end of a quilt loaded on the longarm or the side trimmings that go into the string bins, my favorite fabrics make it into my scrap quilts faster when they’re used for backings first.

This bin is full of the leftover chunks at the end of each quilt and its time to take them upstairs and put them in the bins with my other scraps.

photo 4Chesty does not really like being downstairs in the longarm room so I know when he’s down here its because he’s having separation issues.

He’s telling me he wants US to go upstairs now!

photo 4


10 thoughts on “I Love Scraps!

  1. SaraF

    My cat used to hang out in my basement sewing room with me most of the time when I was there. But as he has gotten older and a bit lame at times he doesn’t like the stairs. So I know when he does show up it is probably a sign that he is lonely. Otherwise he lays at the top of the stairs where he can hear me. Pets are so human!

  2. Sara

    Chesty has you well trained. I cannot judge, however as all of our creatures have us well trained. For example, Hank the dog now receives his pills (he suffered a bit of a wound, and has to take antibiotics for awhile) hidden in wet cat food……nope, hiding the pills in hot dogs does not work! See what I mean about being well trained?

  3. Penny G

    My cat , Brie, shows up meowing like crazy. If I don’t go with her she becomes increasongly annoying unti l give In.

  4. Cyndi Holguin

    How can you refuse a look like that. Yea he has you trained just like George has us trained. He love my new window door. cause he can see me in the sewingroom now.

  5. Valerie Studer

    love the string quilts, we just did some based on a video from Missouri Star Quilt Co, Hamilton MO.
    Loved your website

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