A learning opportunity

I choose to look at this not as a disaster but as a learning opportunity.

I got my shawl soaked and pinned out … And found a hole. The yarn has broken and it’s NOT where my knot was (that’s actually higher in the lace area).

I’m not sure why it broke there but there is enough of the yarn ends for me to pull to the back, a stitch, or maybe two have dropped out but that’s an easy fix also. Luckily this is in the garter stitch section and not the lace although a hole in the lace section wouldn’t be as noticeable would it?! Thank goodness you can find information on any topic online – including how to repair holes in knitting!



I’m not the best blocker but I’m trying to leave the ruffle ruffly so hopefully it has enough pins.

5 thoughts on “A learning opportunity

  1. Cyndi Holguin

    I just love your knitting. I am trying to get the nerve up to knit lace. If I can crochet it I guess I can knit it too. I love this shawl the color the pattern all of it. Nice work. I am sure you fix the hole in no time.

  2. Michelle

    I live in fear of something like that happening…and have tossed some lace that it did happen to (wasn’t special enough to try saving, but now I’m wondering if I should have tried just as a learning experience.)

    Good luck!

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