Just in time… I’m doing laundry, running errands, packing, and finishing up this HeartStrings top. 20130828-190907.jpg

I’m also going to cast on a hurricane hat using this pretty red/purple yarn. If it turns out OK, it will be for my sister.


7 thoughts on “Assembled

  1. Susan D.

    Love this quilt. The semi regular color placement just makes it. Glad to see some more quilting in the blogs, again. You’re a busy lady, have to hand it to you, keeping up with your projects between trips. Take care.

  2. Amy (NW WI)

    Oh. Wow! There are some string quilts that I simply “like” and appreciate due to the work invested…. and then there are some that strike me as “Oh. Wow!”

    I LOVE the black-n-white with the touch of blue! I have never seen a string quilt with such a colorway! A+. I saved a copy of the pic in my “i-need-inspiration” folder. 😀

    I love that you add your “” line on the pictures. What software/site do you use to add it? I should start too.

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