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Nothing interesting going on here

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Just boring things like laundry, packing and grooming for Chesty.

I did finish knitting the Painted Desert Shawl but almost ripped it out right away. It’s way too small and I was sure that they’d used more than one skein for the sample without indicating that but I looked at the repeats on the pattern and my repeats and the number was the same so I tossed it in the corner and I’ll try to block it into something large enough to wear when I get home.

I went back and forth on which knitting projects from the queue to pack for the trip. I decide on #2 and 3 on the list and wound the yarn I needed into a ball last night. The yarn I’m using for Hitchhiker came in a ball so no winding needed.


I think I need a queue like this for my quilting projects. I move things up and down and even off the list at times but it’s helpful when I’m ready to start something new.

Books and Genealogy

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When I’m reading, my favorite genre is a mystery or thriller … When I’m listening to an Audiobook (while I knit), I prefer history or biography.

I’m currently listening to Voyagers of the Titanic by Richard Devenport-Hines and it has me thinking about genealogy and my immigrant ancestors. I have traced some of my mother’s family back to the revolutionary war but have yet to confirm an immigrant ancestor on her side of the family but on my father’s side it’s much easier. My grandparents were born and raised in Ireland and immigrated as young adults. My great-grandmother also left Ireland as a young widow in 1906, leaving 5 children with her parents and came to the US. She did not see these children again until they were adults and as far as I can tell from my research, she never saw the youngest again, the one year old daughter she left behind.

The book details many of the luxury accommodations of the Titanic and other transatlantic vessels which in part were designed to accommodate immigration to America. I can only imagine what it must have been like for them crossing the Atlantic most likely in steerage.


Pictured above are my great grandmother, grandfather, and grandmother, (along with one of my dad’s sisters and brothers) and the ships they came to America in.

If you haven’t done any genealogy research it’s never been easier with the resources available online and at your local library. One of my activities while in Maine will be to continue my research on Keith’s family at the Maine Historical Library in Portland.


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Today was for binding … I’d intended to trim Jackie’s tops and get the bindings made and machine stitched so I could do the handwork in Maine but when I was working on the second top I decided I’d roll the backing around for the binding and get that one done.

My binding buddies in Maine use a straight stitch but I don’t sew a straight enough line so I’d been using a decorative stitch until about a year ago when I realized that since I always match my thread so closely the stitching doesn’t show. Now I use a quick zigzag. This is the first quilted top I’ve rolled the backing over for the binding. Usually I just do that on tied quilts but it looks good so it’s nice to have options when I’m working to keep on schedule.


And a final photo


It’s already packed with the two needing hand stitching and 4 tops with backs that I’ll add to the stack already waiting in Maine for me to tie. If all goes well, I’ll have 18 quilts finished by the end of October to leave in Maine for donation.