Quilted – more Dwirling

I briefly considered quilting my freehand Baptist Fans on this top of Jackie’s but it’s a big one and I needed to get it finished today so I did more Dwirling.

I’ve got the binding on one and made two backings today but I’ll still need to get two trimmed and the bindings on later this week between my library shifts and errands.


9 thoughts on “Quilted – more Dwirling

  1. Joan

    How far apart are you lines when you do dwirling? I have done this, but my lines seem too far apart (in person!). Thanks.

  2. Jeane

    This is really a pretty string quilt and I like your choice of quilting design. I need a new string quilt design and was wondering if the main blocks would be 6″ or 8″?

  3. Shari

    I love what dwirling does for scrap quilts! The fact that it’s easy and quick make it a wonder to have in your “library.” 🙂

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