Books and Genealogy

When I’m reading, my favorite genre is a mystery or thriller … When I’m listening to an Audiobook (while I knit), I prefer history or biography.

I’m currently listening to Voyagers of the Titanic by Richard Devenport-Hines and it has me thinking about genealogy and my immigrant ancestors. I have traced some of my mother’s family back to the revolutionary war but have yet to confirm an immigrant ancestor on her side of the family but on my father’s side it’s much easier. My grandparents were born and raised in Ireland and immigrated as young adults. My great-grandmother also left Ireland as a young widow in 1906, leaving 5 children with her parents and came to the US. She did not see these children again until they were adults and as far as I can tell from my research, she never saw the youngest again, the one year old daughter she left behind.

The book details many of the luxury accommodations of the Titanic and other transatlantic vessels which in part were designed to accommodate immigration to America. I can only imagine what it must have been like for them crossing the Atlantic most likely in steerage.


Pictured above are my great grandmother, grandfather, and grandmother, (along with one of my dad’s sisters and brothers) and the ships they came to America in.

If you haven’t done any genealogy research it’s never been easier with the resources available online and at your local library. One of my activities while in Maine will be to continue my research on Keith’s family at the Maine Historical Library in Portland.

4 thoughts on “Books and Genealogy

  1. SaraF

    What app are you using to build the “book” you show in the screen shot? Looks very interesting and might be an option for revising our current family history book.

    I also love to read mysteries and thrillers – and have noticed we read many of the same authors. But my undergraduate degree is in history and I do still love to read historical things. And I’m definitely hooked on the genealogy.

    Thanks for another post that has inspired some new ideas.

  2. Mary Jo

    My Mother was a big genealogy buff and self published a couple of books with the family history of her side of the family. She was working on my Dad’s side of the family when her health go too bad to work on it anymore. We do have a copy of the manifest from the ships that my dad’s parents came to the US from Italy on.

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