Today was for binding … I’d intended to trim Jackie’s tops and get the bindings made and machine stitched so I could do the handwork in Maine but when I was working on the second top I decided I’d roll the backing around for the binding and get that one done.

My binding buddies in Maine use a straight stitch but I don’t sew a straight enough line so I’d been using a decorative stitch until about a year ago when I realized that since I always match my thread so closely the stitching doesn’t show. Now I use a quick zigzag. This is the first quilted top I’ve rolled the backing over for the binding. Usually I just do that on tied quilts but it looks good so it’s nice to have options when I’m working to keep on schedule.


And a final photo


It’s already packed with the two needing hand stitching and 4 tops with backs that I’ll add to the stack already waiting in Maine for me to tie. If all goes well, I’ll have 18 quilts finished by the end of October to leave in Maine for donation.

5 thoughts on “Finished!

  1. Joanie

    Wow ! I have never done a binding by machine…I need to get my nerve up and give this a try. Thanks for the inspiration. I would love to hear about that bendie light you have…what brand is it? I could always use a little more light whe I sew. Thanks Mary !

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