My favorite quilter

You know that quilter you want to be when you grow up? For me it’s Terri Watson and she even has a blog where you can see all the beautiful work she does.

I will admit I don’t comment often because my iPad doesn’t love her comment section but I look at each and every quilt she posts.

Click the link and check it out, you will be inspired!

5 thoughts on “My favorite quilter

  1. Terri Watson

    Oh my gosh, Mary! When I got up this morning and checked my blog for activity there were over 200 hits for the day already…What?!

    So I dug a little deeper and found a lot of them were coming from your recommendation. You are so sweet to say such nice things…I follow your blog as well and am always so inspired by you projects and your dedication to Heartstrings.


  2. Lizzy

    Me too Mollie, me too! I just LOVE Terri’s no fuss quilting style and the way she achieves so much! It’s my dream to be able to quilt like Terri.

  3. Brenda in Namibia

    Enjoyed Terri’s blog thank you for showing us … but when I grow up I still want to be that quilter called Mollie!

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