Nothing interesting going on here

Just boring things like laundry, packing and grooming for Chesty.

I did finish knitting the Painted Desert Shawl but almost ripped it out right away. It’s way too small and I was sure that they’d used more than one skein for the sample without indicating that but I looked at the repeats on the pattern and my repeats and the number was the same so I tossed it in the corner and I’ll try to block it into something large enough to wear when I get home.

I went back and forth on which knitting projects from the queue to pack for the trip. I decide on #2 and 3 on the list and wound the yarn I needed into a ball last night. The yarn I’m using for Hitchhiker came in a ball so no winding needed.


I think I need a queue like this for my quilting projects. I move things up and down and even off the list at times but it’s helpful when I’m ready to start something new.

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