A very quick side trip

30 minutes off our route, we stopped long enough to view the falls and let Chesty romp a bit in the park.


He’s such a good traveling companion!


11 thoughts on “A very quick side trip

  1. Denise in PA

    Awww – I bet Chesty is just thrilled to be traveling with you! our Lilly love road trips and is a little angel in the car. So nice to be able to take them with you!

  2. SaraF

    I’m guessing that you enjoy having both of your “guys” to travel with this time. This is one of the places on my bucket list. Beautiful photo – thanks for letting me have a quick virtual visit.

  3. Linda H

    Don’t know who had the bigger smile there … Chesty or Keith! BEAUTIFUL shot of the falls … enjoy!

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