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My scrap drawers are overflowing

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I keep my scraps sorted by colors and the drawers are overflowing again so I’ve been thinking about some scrappy quilts that would be quick and easy.

A scrappy Double 4 Patch in blues has been on my list for a while (I’ve made one in green and one in red) but I think I need to move it up the list after seeing Carla’s. She sent me this photo of her quilt she made for her daughter’s dorm.


I also want to make a couple Red/White/Blue quilts so maybe I could scatter some red in there too.

And while I was cutting for that one I could cut some extra blue and red strips and squares to make one like this quilt of Ann’s. I always like to cut more than one scrap quilt at a time.

Too bad that I won’t have time to piece anything in the next 6 weeks but at least I have a plan.


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I love the new update and am trying to be patient as I come across apps that need updating to function properly with the new iPad operating system.


I was unable to listen to my audio book last knit while I was knitting. Hopefully they’ll get Overdrive updated soon.

Time to head home

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I finished up at the sew-in tonight and head home in the morning. Not that anyone is counting (you know I always count!) but I got 21 quilts tied and my wonderful binding buddies got them bound and added to the stack of finished quilts. Of course, all the tops tied were pieced by HeartStrings members and many of the backs were pieced and sent by Tish … As always, it was truly a group effort.

During the day today along with tying my last few quilts, I kitted up the remaining tops to tie when I come back in October.


Top, batting, backing, and in some cases binding so I’m all set!