15 thoughts on “Owwww … It’s still swelling!

  1. Dora, the quilter

    Oh, wow. I sprained my ankle my senior year of high school [car accident]. In addition, mine turned many, many shades of red, blue, and violet. I wore a cast for a month. The bursa, swelled and 50 years later, my ankle still looks like that! I certainly don’t want you to experience that! Take good care of it!

  2. Angie

    You don’t say what happened, but I’m guessing you sprained your ankle. Did you get an x-ray? My friend thought she sprained her ankle, and found out two weeks later she had broken it instead. Hope you feel better soon.

  3. Penny G

    That looks bad – Is there a doctor’s visit in your future? Hope it gets better quickly and that you didn’t have a busy week planned.

  4. Nancy

    Oh dear – keep putting ice on it and keep it elevated. And if you do not see any improvement then you need to get it x-ray’d. It does not look good.

  5. Sara

    Well, rats! Stay off your feet, keep your foot elevated, so see the doctor–heck, you know all this! Be well soon!

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