Ok so it wasn’t ‘just’ a sprain. I was having some numbness and tingling in my foot today along with the swelling and pain and decided to have it looked at. There’s a great orthopedic urgent care center not too far … I have a small fracture and am going to be wearing this boot for a while.


29 thoughts on “Ugh!

  1. me slinko

    It looks very restrictive – but a least you can cuddle with that lovely green quilt. Hope you have a speedy recovery!

  2. Sherrill

    I don’t think I ever saw anywhere what you did. My hubby slipped on the shed ramp and hurt his foot several years ago. He hobbled around for a few days with me ‘hounding’ him to get it looked at. He finally did and had a small fx. Dr said he was lucky because it could have shifted just a tad and then it would’ve really been bad.

  3. Penny G

    Glad you went to the doctor. I am a chicken and go if there is blood or swelling that doesn’t noticeably diminish in 24 hours. Didn’t you say you are a nurse? If so, I know medical professionals hate going to the doctor more than the average so I am glad you went. Is that an air cast and if so how does it work?

  4. lori in South Dakota

    A Robo Cop boot! Sorry to hear you have to wear it. I have a cane and walker I can loan you to go with it.

  5. Brenda in Namibia

    Shame Mollie – catch up on your reading and knitting and be really good and do what the doctor tells you. Glad it didn’t happen at the beginning of summer ….!

  6. Billie

    The ankle, I thought it looked more than a sprain…glad you had it looked at. Give it a bit of time before you hit the cleaning again. I broke my leg when I was 12 and I was sick for a week. Be careful..

  7. Teri

    You are going to have to drive that sewing machine with the opposite foot. I don’t recommend that with the car! Hopefully you will mend quickly.

  8. Sara

    well, bless your heart. I guess this means you will not be playing soccer or kicking field goals in football for awhile…..

  9. carolyn

    Oh, I’m so sorry. Maybe it’s a chance to show off some of your hand knit socks? Can you see them through that thing? 🙂 Hope the healing is quick!

  10. julierose

    Ohhh, my DH had the same thing happen to his ankle and foot; not fun!! Rest up a lot!! He has graduated to an elastic ankle bandage when we go for walks…I hope you are feeling chipper soon…hugs, Julierose

  11. Angie

    I hope your ankle heals quickly, and you feel better soon. I guess this inconvenience will sidetrack your decluttering and decorating plans for awhile. Time to knit and read! Take care.

  12. Linda H

    Mollie … I have the exact same cast for your other foot (no longer needed). I’ll send it up and you can be “Darth Vadar-etta” for Halloween … LOL

    Sorry ~ hope your back on your OWN two feet soon … not fun! Linda

  13. Jeane

    How awful, just when you were on a roll with the decorating. Last year I broke a bone in my leg and sprained my ankle so I know how much this hurts. Take care and get better soon.

  14. Franky

    That picture of your ankle looked painful. How did you do it you never gave any details?
    I’ve had my share of ankle injuries they hurt like hell so I know what you’re going through same with my mom. Luckily I haven’t injured mine in few years.
    My mom on the other hand was not so fortunate out of 44 years of her life she sprained her ankle for the very first time yesterday she didn’t take it too well. That first sprain is always the worst.

    On our way back from a run we were cutting through a uneven dirt trail from the road it’s a shortcut to the side of our house. She carelessly tried running on the trail a couple hundred feet from the house and BAM. She looked down at her watch and stepped in a hole and violently rolled her ankle slamming knee first into the ground it was a BAD sprain. She instantly let out a whimper and cried like a baby. Neither one of us had our cell phone and she couldn’t walk so I had to pick her up off the ground and bridal carried her to the house. This is what it looked like 10 minutes later.

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