Decluttering day 3

This doesn’t look like much but between the counter and the bin you can’t see, there were stacks of papers all the way back to March not to mention all the mail that had come in while I was in Maine.

Today’s task was the kitchen/office. Everything is filed and/or shredded and I cleaned out the cabinet under the island too. That means level 2 is done. Tomorrow I’ll start in my bedroom and bathroom and when Keith gets home we’ll go pick out carpet.

I do need to take more breaks as my foot was really sore and swollen tonight. It’s hard to know how much time I really need to sit and keep it elevated.


8 thoughts on “Decluttering day 3

  1. Penny G

    There is a desk under the piles! My sister said today she is unhappy because she has to pack all her papers up everyday since her son and DIL are living with her and have tried more than once to find out account balances etc. I remembered when I worked with sensitive information and had to file and lock up all my work everyday at lunch and quitting time. Potty breaks and coffee breaks were limited to a max of ten minutes. You are making me think of all the good things I should be doing and obviously was once able to do.

  2. SaraF

    Paper is a lot like dirty laundry – it multiplies in the dark. I keep trying to keep it under control, but some weeks it’s a losing battle both at home and my office. You’re making great progress.

  3. NancyB in AZ

    Actually….you need to sit with you foot elevated most of the time; elevated above heart level. That is what will keep the swelling down. Also, what will help with the healing. If you overdo it; you will not heal as quickly. I know, you don’t want to do that. I hope you will take it easier though.

  4. NancyB in AZ

    Whoops…I meant to say that was the orthopedist told me when I had a small fracture in my ankle. I sure wish you well.

  5. Beth in AZ

    A local shredding event got my DH and I kick started on our paper clutter. I helped in spurts and starts..DH cleared out most of our piles of papers. It sure looks nice in there and helped just getting rid of four huge bags of papers we didn’ have to shred ourselves! now to keep up with it so we don’t have to repeat that anytime soon!

  6. Anne O'Connor

    Sorry to hear this Mollie but glad you sought medical advice. When I broke mine I walked around on it for a week thinking it was just a sprain! Best advice I had was keep it elevated a lot but not so much that you get a blood clot. So it’s a balance I guess – if it’s sore put it up!

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