A new to me App – Houzz

I’ve been looking at this app for the last few weeks. Not sure anything specific will be used for now but I like being able to save items in a Idea book. You can look at design ideas by room, products, even find local designers. Today I’m looking at craft room ideas just to kill time.


Houzz app

5 thoughts on “A new to me App – Houzz

  1. Penny G

    I think it would be neater than you think. About 4 months ago I stacked my fabric by color on bookshelves, then separated it with long strips of cardboard my husband cut to the width x height of the shelf. I actually find myself refolding and putting fabric back. It doesn’t fall sideways and create a mess when I pull from the middle (face it we all pull from the middle}. The proper for you organization will work. This is my third different attempt. I haven’t gone as far as creating mini bolts because all the plastic inserts would take too much space.
    There is a way that fits you you just have to find it. I have to organize everything else in my sewing room – no plan yet. Keep looking and the plan may strike. Good luck.

  2. Dianne King

    I love Houzz, Mollie. Always so many interesting articles and ideas. And the Ideabooks are such a great way to keep track of ideas you like.10

  3. Mariel Broadwater

    I love this app! Not real sure how to use the features but I love looking at all the pictures and getting ideas!

  4. Barbara

    it is so difficult to keep fabric neat and orderly. I have mine set up on book shelves. I use comic book backer boards to make the little “bolts” and they look like books on the shelves. Now all I have to do it organize them by color.

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