We ordered carpet last night and they’ll come in Saturday to measure. I’m still debating where to end the new carpet. It goes up the stairs, into a landing, and into the bedrooms.

My debate is whether to leave the last set of stairs in the old carpet or do the upstairs landing and have a threshold between the different carpet in the bedrooms. Either one will look odd but there’s no way I can clear out the bedroom and sewing room to continue the carpet in those rooms and there’s no way I can live with the old dirty carpet downstairs any longer so I will choose a compromise and live with it.

More clearing out today, I set aside some leftover batting pieces to send to Mom and assembled 6 small battings. I finally unpacked from Maine and started packing for the next trip and folded and put away an overflowing basket of clothes. I started sorting yarn into bins since one of my goals is to organize all of the yarn too.

I found this little crochet project in a bag that I’d forgotten all about and decided it’s one I will finish.


So far the sorting process has not been too difficult and I’ve been aggressively purging. I will have a more difficult time in the sewing room.

4 thoughts on “Progress

  1. Jane

    Great job so far!
    Yes, purging the sewing room could be challenging. I just sorted and packed up 75 quilt magazines for a sale at our guild-was fun browsing through them but also feels so good to see them going out of the house!

  2. Sara

    You are an inspiration! I so need to de-clutter around here…….maybe that should be my 2014 resolution!

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